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Brought up on a diet of books and family dinner parties, it's hard to ascertain which came first, Joyce's love for words or her infatuation with food. A writing career that started at a local food magazine meant she didn't have to choose between either - because her heart, and nose, became fixed on vino. Ever since the job opened her up to the wonderful world of wine, she's been #alwaysthirsty.

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By Joyce Huang 2 days ago in: #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink, People, Profiles
The red wine blend that best represents the plucky Australian winemaker is named for the worldly men of the seas and gives a nod to the Portuguese grape varieties it is made of.
Nic Peterkin's L.A.S. Vino The Pirate Blend
By Joyce Huang 2 weeks ago in: #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink
While Champagne is known for its bubblies, their rarer still wines like Coteaux Champenois offer another view of the region's winemaking.
What to drink this month: Champagne, and not just the sparkling variety 4
By Joyce Huang 3 weeks ago in: Features, People, Profiles
The native Brazilian chef is bringing the world together through food with “crossroads cooking” at restaurant Nouri on Amoy Street
Ivan Brehm
By Joyce Huang 1 month ago in: Food, Restaurants
With it’s harmonious confluence of French and Chinese cuisine, Sofitel Singapore City Centre’s Racines is the place to spoil your date.
The best of both worlds at Racines 4
By Joyce Huang 2 months ago in: Food, Ingredients, Recipe
Despite being called tigernut in English, chufa is not a nut at all, but a super (food) tuber with many nutritional properties.
Chufala's chufa products
By Joyce Huang 2 months ago in: #featurefriday, Food, Ingredients
Thanks to its highly nutritional make-up and diverse preparation possibilities, tempe is being hailed as Indonesia’s “gift to the world”.
Tempe: Indonesia’s Fermented Superfood 1
By Joyce Huang 2 months ago in: #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink
Booze right to your doorstep—just in time to stock up for the many celebrations this festive season!
3 new alcohol delivery services: Whisky Master
By Joyce Huang 4 months ago in: #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink
Whiskies, wines, rums, beers, sakes, or gins - no matter your choice of poison, these events will make sure your imbition this month is thorough.
Whisky Live
By Joyce Huang 4 months ago in: Food
Special menus, masterclasses, and exciting dining events throughout nine delicious days!
AccorHotels Singapore Food and Wine Festival
By Joyce Huang 4 months ago in: #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink
Forget the usual lime or lemon peel, or even the slice of cucumber, and take your G&T game up a notch with these renditions.
Roku Gin and Tonic with six slices of ginger