At Haru Yoshi, the freshest ingredients take centre-stage

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the menu here at Haru Yoshi Japanese restaurant; it’s extensive, with over 100 dishes to choose from. But whatever you choose, you will be well rewarded with the best that Japan has to offer. Think creamy uni (sea urchin), paired with sizzling yakitori (grilled skewered chicken), and chased down with premium rice wine, or sake.

Equally impressive is the man behind Haru Yoshi—Chef Chikara Yoshikawa. He boasts a storied resume, having shared the kitchen and trained under Iron Chef Koumei Nakamura from the now-closed Nadaman at Shangri-La Singapore. He has also two other Japanese restaurants in Hanoi under his belt, and even cooked for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The food at Haru Yoshi, for the lack of better word, is fresh in flavour. The fish is air-flown from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, and then expertly treated by Chef Yoshikawa. Order the Sashimi Platter, which features silky folds of decadent, melt-in-your-mouthotoro, or fatty tuna belly. The sushi here, is also treated with similar reverence—slivers of salmon, scallops and yellowtail come delicately perched atop seasoned rice.

And for the dishes that require cooking, you will find the same dedication to using choice ingredients. For instance, unseasoned slices of the Premium Wagyu Beef are served raw, and diners sear them to their preferred doneness over a pink Himalayan salt plat heated by binchotan (white charcoal). The result? A fuss-free (smokeless and odourless) cooking method that allows one to fully enjoy the buttery, rich meat.

The simple, yet robust flavours are best reflected in the highly recommended Kaisen Okonomiyaki—a hearty, savoury pancake that comes studded with chunks of prawns, scallop, fish, and cuttlefish.

Located just minutes away from Beauty World station, Haru Yoshi is just as accessible as its menu is—and it’ll have you leaving the place singing its praises.


9 Tuk Yong Avenue
Singapore 596314

By SALT Magazine