Four Seasons Brings Us Some Yuletide Cheer And Serious Gluttony This Season With Their Christmas Market Fresh Buffet

What better way to celebrate then to partake in some serious gastronomy

By Dawn Wong | 06 December, 2018 | Food, Restaurants, Trending, Uncategorized
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When it comes to Christmas and seasonal eating, I have abandoned all semblances of reason and rationality as I devour every luscious morsel in front of me; more then what my belly can possibly contain.

Despite the protesting of my logical mind and heaving stomach, there is simply no place for self-control when it comes to holiday feasting.

Christmas is not only the season for giving, but the season for buffets galore as well. Fitness and diet resolutions have been flung out of the window faster then one can say “jiak”. Perhaps I shall be reacquainted with them again in 2019. For now, let the feasting begin.

Take a trip down to One-Ninety Restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel and start your holiday gluttony as you indulge your senses in their new Market Fresh Buffet, with a menu specially curated for the Christmas season.

Look out for the season’s highlights like the Oven Roasted Organic Turkey, accompanied with Chestnut Stuffing and the delectable Atlantic Cod with Sour Broth. Vegetarian offerings include the palatable Kabocha Squash with Ricotta Ravioli, topped with Parmesan and Shaved Truffle too, for a decadent appeal.

Four Seasons Brings Us Some Yuletide Cheer This Season With Their Festive Market Fresh Buffet 7

At special dining sessions, a lavish Charcuterie station will send meat lovers to heaven and divine desserts are available free-flow on the table spread.

Be sure to sample their signature desserts, masterfully crafted by Pastry Chef Audrey Yee, a Four Seasons Veteran and graduate of the renowned Le Corden Bleu School in London. She will delight and tantalize taste buds with her sweet selections including her famous Mango Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake and Hazelnut Royaltine Cake.

With such an overwhelming selection of delightful eats beckoning to me, I regret to say that I can no longer have any restraint.

They say that gluttony is a sin. This Christmas however, I shall take my chances in purgatory.

The gym can wait for 2019.

Her talents/skills sets include having a bottomless pit of a stomach and doing an impressive Chinese split, attributes that will certainly make her highly sought after among employers. (Or so she hopes) She promises not to bite… unless you are a juicy piece of pork lard.