A Tiny Slice Of Spain In Singapore At Newly Opened Churreria La Lola!

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We Are Crazy Over These Spanish Churros

Ah Spain…possibly the best holiday destination of all time. Not just because of it’s mild Mediterranean climate, but also because it is the land that has tickled our gastronomic fantasies with it’s astounding cuisine. San Sebastian in Spain has even claimed the title of being the world’s best city for foodies.

Apart from the usual Iberico ham and Paella, another Spanish creation has captured our fancy. Despite it’s simplicity, we simply cannot get enough of The Churro. The churro is a fried-dough pastry and is traditionally eaten for breakfast in Spain, dipped in a nice, hot, steaming cup of cafe con leche. I remember the mornings spent in Barcelona frantically scrambling around just to find the perfect breakfast churro to stuff myself silly because no one needed to know about the irresponsible amounts of churros I ate in Spain.

A Tiny Slice Of Spain In Singapore In Newly Opened Churreria La Lola!

In countries like Spain, Peru and Colombia, it is common to find churrerías throughout their streets. This is however, not something commonly found or seen in Singapore, so imagine our joy when we discovered the newly opened Churreria La Lola at Clarke Quay, the perfect remedy to satiate those intense Churro cravings. La Lola, which means grandmother, is armed with the mission to fill up happy tummies and happy souls.

Say Hello To Churreria La Lola!

A Tiny Slice Of Spain In Singapore

The beloved Spanish treat of fried-dough pastry is authentically made from scratch in-house with only the best of ingredients and cooked fresh upon order – fried in 100% olive oil, so we can still pretend to eat healthy. La Lola has taken the traditional treat and made it into an epic all-day snack rock star with a variety of flavours to satisfy all cravings. The team of Spanish and local chefs have developed a menu of both sweet and savoury churros with East meets West flavours. Apart from the traditional Churros, La Lola also offers unique flavours such as churros glazed in Dark, White, Matcha and Purple Yam flavours, as well as the stuffed variety called Xuxos, bursting with Nutella or Dulce de Leche fillings.

A plane ticket to Spain costs about $2000, so we figured it made more economical sense to spend $2.40 on the MRT and head down to Clarke Quay to get our authentic churro fix.


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