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By Weets Goh | 17 May, 2017 | At Home With, People, Trending
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Between hosting gigs, a day job as a DJ on Mediacorp Radio’s Class 95FM, and generally being an all-round workaholic (her words), Simone Heng found time to show us her new home and even rustled up an Instagram-worthy cheese board. 

house decor simone heng
simone heng cutting cheese
simone heng cutting cheese
simone heng tea collection
simone heng tea collection
simone heng cheese board
simone heng
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simone heng house decor

The Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter has spent nearly half her life moving from country to country, beginning with Switzerland, where she spent a year studying on a scholarship when she was 18-years-old. After trying her hand at media jobs in Singapore and Australia, she established  herself as a radio personality in Dubai for the city’s top radio station Virgin Radio Dubai. She moved back to Singapore two years ago and currently juggles a day job as a DJ on Singapore’s leading English-language radio station Class 95FM and hosting reality culinary show Eat List Star. 

Hi Simone! We know you’re a major foodie, so do you cook?

No! I haven’t got the time, and never got around to learning how to cook. I’ve got a very good cook on my Eurasian side of the family, so I’ll let her do the whole ‘passing on the recipes to the next generation thing.

Why do you love Indomie ? (We spotted packets of Indomie instant noodles in her cupboard) 

I ate lots of Indomie when I was a broke student in university, so this is like my Jenny from the Block (referring to the Jennifer Lopez hit song) moment. Plus it’s got a certain flavour you know?

What are your meals usually like?

For breakfast I usually have toast with jam or sometimes vegemite if I want something savoury. I also usually have some tea at this time – I’m obsessed with teas and have a whole collection from TWG. I also dine out quite a bit as I usually haven’t got the time to prepare food myself.

Any guilty pleasures?

McDonalds chicken nuggets. Ugh, do not judge.

What’re some of your favourite places to dine at?

My favourite restaurant was Le Petite Maison in Dubai. Here in Singapore, it’s Tippling Club and Angela May Food Chapters. I also had one of my most memorable meals just yesterday!  I visited chef Kirk Westaway at JAAN after work and he made me a post-work snack.

What’s usually in your fridge?

Eye cream! Yes there are beauty products in my fridge. I always have friends over for wine and cheese nights, so you’ll see a lot of that too. I love cheese! Especially Emmentaler, although the one’s you can get in Singapore aren’t that good, I really miss the ones that I had while I was living in Switzerland; it’s really an everyday cheese from there, and I like it because it conjures up memories. 

What do you like on your cheese boards?

My favourites are stinky blue cheese and of course Emmentaler. I also like spicy salami! I saw this on a blog recently, it’s a post about how to create an Instagram-worthy cheese board — I thought it looked fabulous so I decided to do it myself! The idea is to put enough greens on the board such that it looks filled up, and use that as a base for the cheese. I use rocket leaves, just because the bitterness provides a nice contrast to all the very rich items on the board. I get my cheese from Taste, the gourmet grocers at Raffles and Holland Village; they’ve got a great cheese selection.

Simone’s cheese board:

You will need:

rocket leaves
blue cheese
Emmental cheese
sharp cheddar
spicy salami
fig salami
green and red grapes, still in bunches
hazelnut and oat crackers

  • Pile on enough rocket leaves on the cheese board such that they cover the entire base
  • Slice the cheeses and salami before spreading them on the rocket leaves in a visually appealing manner.
  • Arrange the remaining items on the board, Instagram the results, and consume.

Photos: Desmond Lim

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