A heritage journey from home to the heart: Guccio Ristorante

Italian fine-dining by Chef Marco Guccio that transports you to the coastal town of Calabria

By Levin Tan | 20 March, 2019 | Restaurants
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The christening of one’s restaurant after a family name places immense weight on a Chef’s shoulders. For Chef Marco, the Guccio name carries with it a strong sentiment of familial love that only serves to keep his passion for the culinary ablaze. It makes sense, as for him, food is meant to be cooked and shared with loved ones.  Every summer in his years growing up, Chef Marco’s own family would traverse down from Milano to Calabria, where his Nonna (grandmother) continues to reside. Rather than fiddle with toys in the outdoors, a young Chef Marco could be found standing alongside his Nonna in the heat of the kitchen, helping to prepare meals for everyone.

His Nonna had always said to him: ‘Respect nature. Cook with patience.’ This is something that Chef Marco has adopted as his motto in his current establishment despite since having undergone formal culinary training at the ripe age of 13. Though his repertoire has since expanded by leaps and bounds, Chef Marco continues to honour his Nonna’s teachings by abiding to simplicity and excellence. With the finest fresh produce, he produces dishes of intense harmony, balancing key ingredients with more subtle flavour profiles to create something akin to a culinary symphony.

Guccio Ristorante’s signature dish, Polipo ($40++), is a fine culmination of the aforementioned while paying homage to Calabria’s seaside geography and Chef Marco’s own food philosophy.  A succulent octopus leg is prepared with meticulous attention to achieve utmost tenderness before it is poached and seared. The key steps of this dish are executed just how his grandfather taught him to, and this adherence to tradition comes through in every mouthful.

It always comes back to family, doesn’t it? That’s how it feels to be seated in the Guccio dining room that boasts history-centric details of Post-WWII-esque naked brick walls. Accompanied with renowned Italian hospitality and the expert curation of some of the finest Italian wines, perhaps Chef Marco manages to bring us as close to his Nonna’s home as feasibly possible.

To make a reservation at Guccio Ristorante, call 6224 1684 or email [email protected].

Guccio Ristorante
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