On The Global Table: Discover If This 24-Karat Gold Burger Is Truly Worth It’s Weight In Gold

By Dawn Wong | 28 December, 2018 | Food, Restaurants
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Is All That Glitters Truly Gold?

That Hefty Price Tag

Would you pay $88.80 for a 24-karat gold cheeseburger? $88.80. You heard it right. If the saying ‘you are what you eat’ holds true indeed, then I wonder if a 24-karat gold bun is going to make me feel as rich as Jay Gatsby from ‘The Great Gatsby’. Just maybe. My feelings are one of ambivalence. It seems almost sinful to part with such a huge chunk of cash for decadence when there are starving orphans in Somalia, and here I am coughing out money for a gold bun when people have not yet seen a meal in weeks. I can almost hear my mother haranguing me about such extravagance, while espousing the values of thrift. No, she would not approve.

Is It Edible?

The biggest question at the back of everybody’s mind. Are these 24-karat golden flakes toxic or potentially carcinogenic? Will I die? If the thought of ingesting metal seems preposterous to you, fret not. They are reported to be salubrious and wholesome.

Emad Zarghami , the owner of Phat Stacks, in Camberwell Australia, assures us that these 24-karat golden buns are 100% safe for consumption, due to its chemically inert construction. He added saying that people come here not just to merely eat a gold bun, but for the entire experience itself. Literally a meal fit for royalty.

Despite the controversial price tag, no doubt these buns would do any Instagram post justice due to it’s sheer aesthetic appeal. The buns are topped with 24-karat gold leaves which are brushed all over till the bun is fully covered in shimmering gold. Fancy.

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We are home to Australia’s first edible 24k gold buns and shake. Come dine with us tonight and try our amazing new menu items right in the heart of camberwell. Photo Credits: @charisseo_

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These hot, sexy buns are delivered daily and prepped on demand. Total preparation time takes 8 minutes.

Anyone here with a penchant for consuming precious metals? What are your thoughts? Would you pay $88.80 to get some glitter into your system?


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