First Taste Of Savourworld

Savourworld's official opening in October 2017 is set to transform Singapore Science Park into an unexpected gastro-destination.

By Kylie Wong | 11 September, 2017 | Food, New Openings, Restaurants
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New life is breathed into the West with the advent of Savourworld
New life is breathed into the West with the opening of Savourworld

Just a little ways across Kent Ridge MRT is a sprawling space waiting to emerge as the latest star on the local food scene. An ambitious $10 million venture between events company Savour (joint-organiser of The GREAT Food Festival 2017) and Revolver Asia, Savourworld aims to bring some of the best and most affordable gourmet experiences together.

With 60,000 sq feet of space, Savourworld is an entertainment hub and gourmet village all in one – live music and festivals are in the pipeline. Every restaurant, bar and cafe in Savourworld is a unit on its own with ample seating, but are also clustered around an al fresco courtyard area where customers can converge and dine in open air if they choose to.

Here, we bring you your first look at Savourworld and which restaurants to hit up.

Licktionary offers lickin' good ice-creams
Savourworld: Lickin’ good ice-creams at Licktionary

Licktionary Ice Cream

Every ice cream flavour at Licktionary has a unique name and origin. ‘Lust’, for example, is an indulgent mix of dark chocolate (73% cacao) and brandied cherry – it melts in your mouth with rich flavour, tasting as sinful as it sounds. ‘Summer’ is a sharp strawberry lemon – its pastel pink shade has made it a bestseller. There is no added colouring in the scoops here – everything at Licktionary is naturally made. ‘Kampung’ is an ode to local flavour with gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut for a chendol like dessert. Other inventive flavours like ‘Peace’ are made using chrysanthemum flowers – refreshing and easily enjoyed by all. Flavours retail at $3.80 per scoop.

#01- 34 / Tel: +65 6252 1822

Spruce: Tex-Mex cuisine at Savourworld / Photo Credit: SALT Magazine
Savourworld: Spruce’s Tex-Mex cuisine


You might know of SPRUCE from their modern American brunch-worthy fare at the Bukit Timah Fire Station branch – but the outlet at Savourworld is easily distinguished from its sibling. Why? Because it only serves up Mexican cuisine. Look forward to Mexican favourites like the Elote (grilled corn on a cob, $4.50) – brushed with butter and sprinkled with chilli powder, salt and cotija.  Familiar Mexican dishes like tacos (from $4 – $5.50) are also available – but skip the beef and pick up the fish taco. Their Sweet House Wings ($8) are great for children if you’re having a family meal – and for a more adult crowd, get the Coyorita ($18), an Instagram-worthy beer with an upturned Corona bottle.

#01- 16 / Tel: +65 6466 5582

Squid ink Miso at Ramen Atelier
Savourworld: Squid ink Miso Ramen at Ramen Atelier

Ramen Atelier

Would a chef classically trained in French cuisine and techniques be able to dish out a decent ramen? The answer seems to be an unequivocal yes at Ramen Atelier. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find that the menu lists hybrid French-Japanese creations like the Porc et Champignons Gyoza ($8), or sides like Escargots Frits ($9). The moreish snails when baked in garlic butter and fried in batter, are the perfect finger food. Bowls of ramen (from $13) are categorised by colour: Ramen Blanc boasts tonkotsu (pork and chicken bones) broth, Ramen Rouge is a spicy creation with tomato and chilli, and the dark-as-night Ramen Noir offers springy noodles in rich and savoury squid ink miso soup.

#01-14 / Tel: +65 9008 3614

Quinoa bowls at Modus
Savourworld: Quinoa bowls at Modus


Modus was created to strike a balance between tasty, nutritious meals and affordable prices. Serving up quinoa bowls and salad, they make for the perfect rice replacement. A bonus: quinoa increases metabolism. Opt for the Butchers Steak with sprouts salad and five peppercorn sauce ($15). A thick slab of pan-seared marinated butcher’s cut au poivre lies on a bed of fluffy quinoa for a hearty meal. Mushrooms in the salad are made the way lor bak (braised pork) is made. Similar flavours are found in the “Lor bak” braised char siew (barbecued pork) and mushrooms ($13) quinoa bowl, which consists of hickory smoked pork shoulder in lor bak sauce, bok choy (Chinese cabbage) and mushrooms.

#01-14 / Tel: +65 8688 5920

TGIF! Welcoming @goodbeersg to Savourworld ?

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The Good Beer Company 

The Good Beer Company first made waves as a craft beer store operating out of a hawker centre unit in Chinatown Complex. Now, they’ve brought their no-frills concept to Savourworld. The interior of the outlet is sparse, but the  crowd it attracts speaks for itself. Try the Hitachino Nest White Ale ($10 happy hour, $13 a pint) to start the evening off; it’s light and easy to drink. The Deschutes Freshly Squeezed IPA ($10 happy hour, $13 a pint) is heavier but equally mouth-watering with its citra and mosaic hops. If none of those are to your taste, there is a row of refrigerators in the outlet full of artisanal ales, beers, ciders and more – so pick your poison!

#01- 23 / Tel: +65 9430 2750

Savourworld: Blue Lotus Noodle Bar's Signature Chilli Pomelo Xiaolongbao
Savourworld: Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar’s Signature Chilli Pomelo Xiaolongbao

Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar 

Every restaurant under Blue Lotus concepts has its own specialty – for Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar, it’s the Chilli Pomelo Crabmeat & Minced Pork Xiao Long Bao ($9 for 4 pieces). The thin, translucent skin of the xiao long bao (soup-filled dumplings) holds the generous filling well and ginger flowers give an added kick. Satisfy your craving for oodles of noodles with highlights like Grilled King Prawn “Lau Gan Ma” Noodles ($16) or the Truffle Mushroom & Beansprout Noodles ($13). Our favourite go-to lunch is the Grilled Soya Chicken Drumstick Noodles ($13) – the dry version really brings out the addictive taste of lard generously ladled on.

#01- 26 / Tel: +65 6988 0880

Ottoman: Borek platter
Savourworld: Ottoman’s Borek platter

Ottoman Kebab & Grill 

Authentic Turkish restaurants are rare gems in Singapore, but Ottoman Kebab & Grill strives to change this with their casual dining concept. When people think of Turkish cuisine, the image of the Doner kebab – meat cooked on the vertical rotisserie – comes to mind. It is little wonder that the Doner Chicken Sandwich ($8.90) is one of the best-sellers. Another hot favourite is the Shish Adana Lamb Plate ($18.90) – the lamb is grilled on an open barbecue filled with flaming charcoal. Under the guidance of Turkish chef Ahmet Akpinar, Ottoman ensures the authenticity of their Turkish recipes and dishes.

#01- 34 / Tel: +65 6266 0269

Tokyo Joe: yakitori sticks are perfect accompaniments to their premium alcohol collection
Savourworld: Tokyo Joe offers yakitori sticks and a premium alcohol collection

Tokyo Joe

Fun fact: Tokyo Joe is the famous nickname of a Japanese-Italian mobster associated with the Chicago mafia. His love for eating and drinking inspired the creators of Tokyo Joe and the restaurant is dedicated to his legacy. During lunch, chirashi and donburi are served – the Signature Bara Chirashi ($16 at lunch, $19 for dinners) is a crowd-favourite, but it is the evening menu that truly draws crowds – sumiyaki and yakitori are enjoyed with Japanese beers, whiskies, sake and shochu. The highlight of the menu is the Echigo Koshihikari Rice Beer ($8) from Niigita, Japan. Koshihikari is known to be the highest quality rice in Japan, and the flavour of this beer comes only from this premium short-grain rice.

#01- 24 / +65 6265 4428

Savoruworld: L.A.B Inc's bottled cocktails
Savourworld: L.A.B Inc’s bottled cocktails

L.A.B Inc Bottled Cocktails

L.A.B Inc was born as an alternative to high-end cocktail bars. Banish the association between cocktails and the stiff old money crowd. At L.A.B, they’re quick, fun, easy and approachable. If you’re not a cocktail lover, L.A.B might just convert you. The best-sellers are familiar mixes like the Negroni, Old Fashioned and Mojito. L.A.B’s cocktail bottles come in two sizes: $16 for 90ml (single-serve) and $65 for 500ml (6-7 drinks). Cocktails can be brought home to enjoy, but it is best to consume them while enjoying a night out with friends and family at Savourworld, because they are bottled fresh.

#01- 27 / Tel: +65 9386 0028

What To Eat At Savourworld 1

Cha Tra Mue

Cha Tra Mue stands for ‘Number One Brand’, which really should tell you all you need to know about it. Must-try drinks are their Original Thai Milk Tea ($3) and their highly-instagrammable Rose tea collection which debuted last month: Lychee Rose Tea, Honey Rose Tea and Rose Milk Tea ($4.50 each). Newly available only at their Telok Ayer and Savourworld outlets are the soft serve ice creams in 3 flavours: Original Thai Tea, Milk Green Tea and Mixed ($3.50 each). The mixed soft serve is a personal favourite; it blends perfectly well together, yet the flavours are still distinctive.

#01- 31 / Tel: +65 9429 3886

2 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118222. Tel: +65 6265 4428 

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