3 Innovative New Cocktail Menus To Try

Head to these creative cocktail bars for edible gummy bear menus, garden garnishes, and special concoctions made with "unicorn blood".

By SALT Magazine | 04 December, 2017 | Boozy, Drink
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Smoke & Mirrors's new Playful Eye menu with ten new cocktails
Smoke & Mirrors’s new Playful Eye menu with ten new cocktails

Smoke & Mirrors’ ‘The Playful Eye’ Cocktail Menu

Smoke & Mirrors’ head bartender Yugnes Susela and his team have taken their cocktail program to the next level by designing cocktails in styles usually associated with food. To wit: the M.C – N.L ($24), which stands for ‘My Creation – No Limit’, a cocktail that comes presented as an adorable potted plant. Look closer and you’ll realise that the soil is edible pu-erh tea, and the sprout is a cinnamon basil herb from urban farming pros Edible Garden City. Susela terms the drink a “toned-down version of a piña colada”, and one sip tells us why: the flavours of coconut nectar, sweet vermouth and pineapple juice come on strong, while the finish carries subtler hints of cacao-infused vodka. It’s a lip-smacking drink that is as insta-worthy as it is delicious. Another standout is God’s Own ($24), a cocktail that mixes junmai sake with rum, as well as freshly-grated coconuts that the team sources from a local wet market. The potato garnish comes as a slice, flavoured with pistachio paste made in-house and topped with lemon zest. The “bite” of the potato pairs unexpectedly well with the drink, and is definitely a unique twist on traditional garnishes. If you’re looking for a more spirit-heavy cocktail, pick their signature Smoke & Mirrors ($24), which uses blanco tequila as its base spirit. The garnishes come as an edible garden, with soil made of cocoa powder and raw pistachios, and stones made of apple chunks wrapped in edible kaolin clay and lactose powder.

1 St. Andrew’s Road, #06-01 National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957. Tel: +65 9234 8122

3 Innovative New Cocktail Menus To Try
The Happiness cocktails comes with an ‘acid tab’ made of edible paper and fizzy sherbet

Tippling Club’s ‘Dreams & Desire’ Menu

This one’s a doozy: the cocktail wizards at Tippling Club have created what’s possibly the world’s first edible menu. Dreamt up by head bartender Joe Schofield and chef-owner Ryan Clift in conjunction with International Flavours and Fragrances Inc., the ‘menu’ consists of 12 different gummy bears that have been flavoured to correspond to the 12 new cocktails ($24 each). Each tipple references a particular desire or dream: from happiness and success, to lust, revenge, and the much less abstract Supercar. Chomp on the teal bear to find Peace, a jasmine and lemon gummy that translates to a vodka-based cocktail with almond milk, citrus and lemon balm, topped off with a peace sign-shaped meringue; or get a taste of Success with a dollar-green gummy bear flavoured with fine Shiraz, which leads you to a spirit-forward and surprisingly delicious concoction of red wine, amaro, cognac and whisky. And what’s a Tippling Club cocktail menu without a couple of surprises? The Happiness cocktail (yuzu, lemon, orange, honey, and tequila) comes with a definitely-not-illegal ‘acid’ tab made with edible paper and fizzy sherbet; while the heady Beauty (jasmine, dry cherry, and Champagne) comes with a retractable stick of cherry sorbet shaped like lipstick. For something a little more challenging, pop the purple bear to taste petrol, leather and metal — all flavours of that road-burning Supercar you’ve always wanted. The cocktail features butter, white wine, citrus, gin, and white truffle oil that’s been fat-washed to mimic the smell of petrol. To complete the automotive experience, a slab of gravelly ‘edible road’, made with lactose powder, sits on top of your drink. Just don’t drive after this.

38 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461. Tel: +65 6475 2217

3 Innovative New Cocktail Menus To Try 2
Elixir Bar is located at the multi-concept space KUVO

Elixir Bar’s Alchemy-Themed Cocktail Menu

Watch base ingredients get transmuted into delicious cocktails with Elixir Bar‘s new alchemy-themed cocktail selection. Set in multi-concept space KUVO, the 40-seater bar has a new resident mixologist, Ukranian-born Vladyslav Buzko, who will be presenting 10 new cocktails categorised into the themes of Happiness, Beauty, Life, Luck, and Courage. Mystery ingredients abound in the drinks, and you’ll find yourself attempting to decipher additions like ‘heart of swan’ and ‘slime of snail’, all with some help from a less-than-straight forward menu of course. Interest piqued? The whole point of the menu is to enable an experience of discovery, so head on down to try these cocktails for yourself. Tipples to watch out for include the Blood of Anubis, a concoction of whisky, ‘jackal’s blood’, and chocolate bitters; or the mysterious, eternal life-promising Elixir of Immortality, made with a secret barrel-aged mixture called “unicorn blood”, bourbon, angostura, cloves and raspberries, then lit with a burning rum float.

321 Orchard Rd, #02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238866

Tel: +65 6733 8272

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