Heritage Heroes: Chasing Rainbow Dreams

Heritage Heroes: Chasing Rainbow Dreams

Heritage meets innovation in an experiment gone joyfully right.
Tang Shui Gets A Modern Makeover

Tang Shui: Traditional Dessert Gets A Modern Makeover

We like these sweet desserts and so will you
Summer Hill Brings All The 2

Summer Hill Brings Soul-Nourishing Cooking To The Clementi Heartlands

Chef-owner Anthony Yeoh has expanded his menu from just fried and roast chicken to fully-fledged selection of bistro fare
New Luxury Hotels 2018 3

8 New Luxury Boutique Hotels To Check Out 2018

Want to pamper yourself at a luxury hotel? These newly launched boutique properties are perfect for the modern-day traveller.
3 brand new pop-up concepts you should look out for this June

3 Brand New Pop-up Concepts You Should Look Out For This June

Here are 3 pop-ups for drinks, food, and music lovers this month!
Lush Platters: the new "grazing" sensation about to hit Singapore

Lush Platters: bringing the “grazing” trend to Singapore

Get in on the trend of grazing, eating small portions from a platter or table-full of food, with Lush Platters' gorgeous creations.
The Emperors’ Superfood: Bird’s Nest

The Emperors’ Superfood: Bird’s Nest

Swift Heritage takes an old-world delicacy and modernises it for the 21st century.
Sweet-toothed Delights: Popular Taiwanese bakery Kazo arrives in Singapore

Popular Taiwanese Bakery Kazo Arrives In Singapore

Kazo Bakery is taking Singapore by storm with its famous cream puffs, Danish polos and more. Here are the creamiest highlights from the crowdpleasing confectionery.
At Home With Little Miss Bento

At Home With Little Miss Bento

We hang out with the queen of all things kawaii, go through her bento box collection and get her to make a Christmas-themed bento box.
NestBloom: Five-Minute Bird's Nest

NestBloom: Five-Minute Bird’s Nest

Just add hot water and wait.
Green smoothie bowl with Tavelmout raw spirulina

Go Green with Tavelmout Raw Spirulina

Channel your inner mermaid and start the day right with a green smoothie bowl of Tavelmout's Raw Spirulina
shangri-la bakery breads

Breakfast Breads At ShopHouse Deli

No regrets. Cheat on your no-carb diet at the new ShopHouse by Shangri-La Hotel Singapore where artisanal sourdough bread (winners) and indulgent danishes await.
This Artist Turns Food into Art 1

Carlyn Law Turns Food into Art

You'll never look at food the same way again after seeing Carlyn Law's whimsical ink-and-food illustrations @eattodraw.