Ethel Hoon at Faviken

Meet The Singaporean Sous Chef of Fäviken

We speak to Ethel Hoon, the Singaporean cooking at one of the temples of gastronomy.
At Home With Woo Wai Leong

At Home With Woo Wai Leong

The MasterChef Asia winner shows us his home test kitchen and shares what he's been up to since winning the competition
Beppe De Vito

Beppe De Vito’s Career In 7 Dishes

From churning whipping cream for tiramisu to perfecting the art of char, the veteran restaurateur who's been recently awarded a Michelin star, shows how he is adept both inside and outside the kitchen.
29 Questions With Carlos Montobbio 4

29 Questions With Carlos Montobbio

The young head chef of modern tapas joint Esquina shows us around the restaurant, shares his favourite club in Ibiza.
CURATE chef de cuisine Benjamin Halat

29 Questions With Benjamin Halat

The chef de cuisine at CURATE at Resorts World Sentosa shows us his fermentation corner and shares what his favourite German swear word is.
John-Paul Fiechtner’s kitchen playlist 1

John-Paul Fiechtner’s Kitchen Playlist

And the secret guilty pleasure song he rocks out to while cooking.
At Home With Anita Kapoor

At Home With Anita Kapoor

Anita Kapoor knows what's up. The travel show host, emcee and activist has an answer ready for all my questions—and they're never cavalier, always mindful, and just slightly intimidating in their frankness.
Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend

Appleton Estate’s Master Blender Joy Spence

Bringing Joy to the world of rum
This Artist Turns Food into Art 1

Carlyn Law Turns Food into Art

You'll never look at food the same way again after seeing Carlyn Law's whimsical ink-and-food illustrations @eattodraw.
At Home With Simone Heng of Class 95

At Home With Simone Heng

Between hosting gigs, a day job as a DJ on Mediacorp Radio's Class 95FM, and generally being an all-round workaholic (her words), Simone Heng found time to show us her new home and even rustled up an Instagram-worthy cheese board. 
Meet The Man Behind Singapore's Best Biryani 3

Meet The Man Behind Singapore’s Best Biryani

We speak to the guy behind Global Mat Soul Kitchen about his elusive biryani.
Chef's Table Creator Talks Food Porn And Comic Spoofs

Chef’s Table Creator Talks Food Porn And Comic Spoofs

Plus why he loves the spoofs of the Netflix’s hit food docu-series and what restaurants he's visiting in Singapore.
Drew Nocente's Kitchen Playlist 1

Drew Nocente’s Kitchen Playlist

In the first of our regular series, we got chef Drew Nocente of Salted & Hung to share his favourite songs to cook to. Rock on!
29 Questions With Luke Armstrong

29 Questions With Luke Armstrong

The head chef of The Kitchen at Bacchanalia tells us how he likes his coffee and why he is not into sous vide.