The Unbearable Darkness Of Bean

The Unbearable Darkness Of Bean

Chocolate has captured the imaginations and tastebuds of mankind for centuries. We head into the rainforests of Pahang, Malaysia in search of it.
Upclose and Personal With Singapore's National Pastry Team

Upclose and Personal With Singapore’s National Pastry Team

We give you the lowdown on what it’s like representing Singapore as the country’s leading patissiers.
Why South Australian Seafood Is the Best

Why South Australian Seafood Is the Best

Off the coast of South Australia, the Great Southern Ocean offers the perfect conditions for producing some of the best crustaceans, abalone and shellfish in the world.
Tempe: Indonesia’s Fermented Superfood 1

Tempe: Indonesia’s Fermented Superfood

Thanks to its highly nutritional make-up and diverse preparation possibilities, tempe is being hailed as Indonesia’s “gift to the world”.
Oodles of Noodles 4

Oodles of Noodles

Supple and springy, handmade local noodles are not losing to their Italian or Japanese counterparts.
The Paris Popup Arrives in Singapore 5

The Cool Paris Popup Restaurant You’ll Want To Eat At

And what else the nomadic kitchen trio gets up to: traveling the world, cooking, and eating
Food Trend Alert: All Pink Everything 3

The Most Delicious Food Trend: Millennial Pink

Everything's coming up roses....
Antoinette's castella cakes

5 Times Antoinette Launched On-Trend Desserts, And Nailed It

Trendy desserts? Pastry chef Pang Kok Keong does it again with the launch of the new range of Castella cakes at Antoinette.
Michelin Announces 2017 Stars For Singapore 3

Michelin Announces 2017 Stars For Singapore

Meet the winners who got the stamp of approval from Michelin this year.
Food Festivals To Watch Out For In July 2

Food Festivals Happening In July 2017

Get ready to forgo any diets you're on for the month of July, as food festivals abound, celebrating everything from tea to the convergence of art and food.
Where To Eat For Father's Day 2017 3

Where To Eat For Father’s Day 2017

Whether it's endless beers and meat or a quiet sit-down dinner, put on a Luther Vandross song (Dance With My Father) and take dad out for a delicious, belly-busting Father's Day feast - here are our picks.
VENUE by Sebastian 1

VENUE by Sebastian

After the closure of Restaurant Ember, chef Sebastian Ng is ready for a brand new challenge with the opening of  VENUE by Sebastian.
6 Foodie Comics To Devour 1

6 Foodie Comics To Devour

Tasty graphic novels that we all can relate to.
Paper Food Art That Look Good Enough To Eat

Paper Food Art That Look Good Enough To Eat

But you probably shouldn't.