Nic Peterkin's L.A.S. Vino The Pirate Blend

Nic Peterkin’s L.A.S. Vino The Pirate Blend

The red wine blend that best represents the plucky Australian winemaker is named for the worldly men of the seas and gives a nod to the Portuguese grape varieties it is made of.
John Wei’s Brewlander Love Wild IPA 2

John Wei’s Brewlander Love Wild IPA

True to its namesake, the homegrown brewer’s label of choice is unpredictable, almost impossible to control, but can be hugely rewarding.
New Openings: February 4

New Restaurants: February 2018

Wine gastrobars, a slice of the Mediterranean, and the return of a famous roast chicken; there's no shortage of new restaurants this February!
What to drink this month: Champagne, and not just the sparkling variety 4

Drink Champagne, and not just the sparkling variety

While Champagne is known for its bubblies, their rarer still wines like Coteaux Champenois offer another view of the region's winemaking.
29 Questions With Dario Knox 2

29 Questions With Dario Knox

The man behind Asia's Top 50 Bars awardee The Other Room shares his bartending secrets and his favourite Beatle.
3 new alcohol delivery services: Whisky Master

3 New Alcohol Delivery Services

Booze right to your doorstep—just in time to stock up for the many celebrations this festive season!
Creative Cocktail Concepts

3 Innovative New Cocktail Menus To Try

Head to these creative cocktail bars for edible gummy bear menus, garden garnishes, and special concoctions made with "unicorn blood".
Vietnam In A Glass 2

A Vietnamese Rice Wine Called Ruou

Ruou was once thought of as a cheap local moonshine, but Son Tinh distillery is bringing this rice wine to the global table.
Whisky Live

More Reasons To Drink This November!

Whiskies, wines, rums, beers, sakes, or gins - no matter your choice of poison, these events will make sure your imbition this month is thorough.
Champagne pairings with Perrier-Jouët's Season of Gastronomy dinners

Champagne Pairings With Perrier-Jouët’s Season of Gastronomy Dinners

Experience the sophistication of Champagne pairings with Perrier-Jouët at some of the most exciting dining destinations on the island.
Roku Gin and Tonic with six slices of ginger

Spruce Up Your Gin & Tonic

Forget the usual lime or lemon peel, or even the slice of cucumber, and take your G&T game up a notch with these renditions.
Join The ATLAS Juniper Society

Join The ATLAS Juniper Society

For all manner of Ginformation and Ginspirations
This Is Wine RVLT Version 2.0 4

This Is Wine RVLT Version 2.0

And they've got a new food menu that you'll be wanting to sink your teeth into.
Pinot Palooza

5 Wine Events To Look Out For

Prep your livers and get ready to drink your weight in wine with these upcoming wine events!
Prost! To Oktoberfest

Prost To Oktoberfest 2017

It's bottoms up and bellies out as we celebrate with beer, pork knuckles and more beer. To that, we can only say, Zum Wohl!
The bar at ATLAS

Inside ATLAS’ Champagne Cellar

ATLAS is known for stocking over 1,000 plus gins from around the world, but take a peak underneath it's impressive gin tower and you'll discover a treasure cellar of rare, fine and expensive Champagnes.
Propeller's Mozart

5 New Cocktail Bars To Check Out

Time to get a drinky drinky at these new cocktail bars.
Wines by Emoji: Vinomofo 1

Wines by Emoji: Vinomofo

Wines described using Emojis, because who has the time – or sobriety – to read long tasting notes?
The Chita Single Grain Whisky

Whisky Updates, Distilled For Your Pleasure

News on single grain whisky, American whiskeys, and new bars for all you whisky lovers.
Renato Ratti Barolo

Embark On A Wine Lust Journey

Throughout the month of August 2017, leave no wine glass empty with 1-Groups's unique vino adventures across their dining establishments.
Beerfest Asia 2017 Survival Guide 5

Your Survival Guide To Beerfest Asia 2017

Beerfest descends upon us once again with four booze-soaked days (17-20 August 2017) of over 500 labels of beers and ciders. Expect music, food and even games to accompany your hop-dessey this year, from beer yoga to a Def Leppard cover band — there's something for every beer-drinker. With temptations around every corner, here's our guide to help you avoid ending the night sprawled on the ground with vomit-encrusted clothes.
Dom Pérignon Plenitude Deuxième P2 2000 1

Dom Pérignon Plenitude Deuxième P2 2000

The vintage Champagne acquires a new expression after 17 years in the cellar.
Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend

Appleton Estate’s Master Blender Joy Spence

Bringing Joy to the world of rum
Three Blind Somms

Three Blind Somms: Wines For BBQ

We rounded up a trio of sommeliers in a blind tasting of three wines that are meant to be paired with food from the grill.
7 New Wine Bars

7 Wine Bars For The #Thirsty

No matter your wine preferences, there’s a bar for every personality.
Cambodia's Kampot Pepper Rum 1

Cambodia’s Kampot Pepper Rum

Artisanal handcrafted rum is being produced in the most unlikely of places: Phnom Penh. Leading the way is Samai, a boutique distillery that's putting Kampot pepper into their rums.
Giancarlo Mancino's Gibson 1

Giancarlo Mancino’s Gibson

Dry gin and strong aromatic vermouth, with a kick from pickled onions - the Gibson cocktail is Giancarlo Mancino's spirit drink.
High on wine with The Flying Sommeliers

High on wine with The Flying Sommeliers

Four members of the Sommelier Association of Singapore are taking on the personas of Star Wars supervillains in their upcoming series of fun fund-raising wine dinners.
Wines By Emoji: Bottles XO

Wines By Emoji: Bottles XO

In this first edition of our regular Emoji tasting notes column, we pick three bottles from one of our favourite wine delivery services, BottlesXO.
Hobo Cocktails With Zachery de Git 1

Hobo Cocktails With Zachery de Git

Can you make a craft cocktail with just convenience store ingredients? Yes, you absolutely can.